Lot 178

Price Realized:  $66
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SI 269 H & H ELECTRIC CO Commemorative, Carnival Solid Pour; The ultimate paperweight!
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Lot 178: SI 269 H & H ELECTRIC CO Commemorative  Color: Carnival Solid Pour  Description: {CD 269 style commemorative} Now THIS is a paperweight! This 2/3 scale CD 269 solid pour is 5 1/4" tall, weighs 3 pounds, and will certainly hold your papers down! The glass was so heavy during annealing that it slumped. Larry Veneziano produced these replicas in 2002 as a "tribute to historic evolution of electricity." The carnival coloring is very attractive, especially when front lit. An eye-catching commemorative insulator to put on your desk!
Estimate: $75 - $100  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $66

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