Lot 174

Price Realized:  $418
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L.S. BRACH MFG CO, Clear w/ Cobalt Blue Streak; Wait, did you say streak??
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Lot 174: L.S. BRACH MFG CO  Color: Clear w/ Cobalt Blue Streak  Description: Wow! Just like the Cobalt Blue Kerr insulators, with a Cobalt Blue streak in Clear glass! This 3 1/2" long and 1 5/16" in diameter radio strain is embossed on three of the four sides of the eyes. There is a mountain of information on L.S. Brach Mfg. Co. if you want to research it. Very near mint. The streak runs lengthwise down the entire insulator, including the eyes. What a stunning and unique coloration for this desirable strain!
Estimate: $100 - $200  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $418

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