Lot 133

Price Realized:  $935
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CD 140 OAKMAN MFG.CO., Light Aqua; Also embossed "JUMBO"!
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Lot 133: CD 140 OAKMAN MFG.CO.  Color: Light Aqua  EIN: [030]  Description: This is the less-common variant with two of Samuel Oakman's patent dates on the skirt, the large "JUMBO" embossing, and the "OAKMAN M'F'G. CO." base embossing. The Oakman Manufacturing Company, which specialized in high voltage distribution insulators, produced CD 140 "Jumbo" insulators for the first underground trolley system in the United States. It was located in downtown Boston and service began around the year 1895. Most of the CD 140's in the hobby today were used on this line. An open 1/4" bubble on the wire ridge. A few minor imperfections here and there that pale in comparison to the massive size of this insulator. Pair this with its eared counterpart in lot 134. This is a great piece of Boston transportation history and is always a popular style!
Estimate: $500 - $600  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $935

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