Lot 9

Price Realized:  $633
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CD 104 {Unembossed Pennycuick}, Dark Yellow Green; Beautiful rich deep color!
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Lot 9: CD 104 {Unembossed Pennycuick}  Color: Dark Yellow Green  EIN: [030]  Description: What a stunning, rich color! This odd-looking CD 104 is your classic New England Pennycuick. The unusual shape has sides that are straight but tapered like a cone. There's a point at the top of the pinhole and sharp, saw-tooth threads. 3/8" base flake and ridge flake, otherwise about very near mint. Pair this with the Dark Green CD 134 in lot 58. While some examples of the unembossed Pennycuick CD 104s are found with a "Continuous Drip" (CD) base, this insulator has a "Smooth Base" (SB). What a colorful example!
Estimate: $600 - $800  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $633

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