Lot 52

Price Realized:  $528
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CD 132 PAT APP FOR, Dark Blue Aqua; Nice and gunky with a pinhole that won't even thread!
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Lot 52: CD 132 PAT APP FOR  Color: Dark Blue Aqua  EIN: [010]  Description: A big brute of an early and uncommon insulator! The glass is "gunky" and you can see some distinctive milk swirls as well as some amber, especially at the top of the pinhole. 1 1/2" area of flaking on the front left, 1/4" open bubble, and some small pings and scuffing all over, typical of an item that may have been dug. The pinhole is so small it doesn't even begin to thread onto a standard pin! What an interesting example!
Estimate: $300 - $400  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $528

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