Lot 34

Price Realized:  $688
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CD 121 W.G.M.CO., Off Clear; A colorless addition to your colorful "Denver" lineup!
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Lot 34: CD 121 W.G.M.CO.  Color: Off Clear  EIN: [010]  Description: Produced by the Western Glass Manufacturing Company just outside of Denver, Colorado, these tolls are found in a number of color depths from practically blackglass to practically clear as seen here. The off clear examples are one of the more unusual colors. 1/2" base flake and a few smaller ones, otherwise very, very near mint. See lot 35 for a companion W.G.M. toll in a pastel color. Add this colorless insulator to your colorful "Denver" lineup!
Estimate: $250 - $300  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $688

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