Lot 161

Price Realized:  $578
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CD 402 TS // FLAMREX {Italy}, Light Straw; "Two-part dry spot"!
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Lot 161: CD 402 TS // FLAMREX {Italy}  Color: Light Straw  Description: This insulator has been referred to as both a "two-part dry spot insulator" and a "terminal insulator". It has a glass cap that screws down on the top of the insulator. What is quite odd is that the pinhole is off center! Originally these were embossed "PYREX", but by using that name they had to pay Corning Pyrex of New York a royalty. By using their own trademark for this glass, they avoided that issue. The damage-prone cap and threads are in excellent condition, overall very, very near mint. An odd style, especially with this off-centered pinhole!
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $578

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