Lot 154

Price Realized:  $528
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CD 731 TILLOTSON & CO., Light Aqua w/ Amber Stringer; Less common with the Tillotson embossing, plus a nice amber stringer!
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Lot 154: CD 731 TILLOTSON & CO.  Color: Light Aqua w/ Amber Stringer  EIN: [010]  Description: The units that are embossed "TILLOTSON" are much less common and more desirable than their unembossed counterparts. In addition, this example has a nice amber stringer running from the base of the insulator up over the dome and back down to the skirt. 1/2" base chip on the rear, otherwise very fine condition. According to historical information the family of threadless insulators that includes the CD 731 incorporated the best features of the "egg" style and the "hat" style, and was sometimes called the "compromise" style. See lot 152 and lot 153 for other examples. This Tillotson is a great "compromise"!
Estimate: $400 - $500  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $528

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