Lot 135

Price Realized:  $83
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CD 252 CABLE, Dark Aqua w/ Amber Swirls; Patches of aqua, green, and amber create an attractive color mix!
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Lot 135: CD 252 CABLE  Color: Dark Aqua w/ Amber Swirls  EIN: [007]  Description: While these are typically encountered in Dark Aqua, it is quite uncommon to find them with this amount of amber swirling, which can be viewed from any angle! Although dark in color, one can see patches of aqua, green and amber throughout the insulator. A similar coloration in a CD 254 No 3 Cable sold in our last auction for nearly $400. 1/4" flake on the ear, 1/4" flake on the wire groove, a couple of inches of typical chatter on the inside of the outer skirt. An attractive color mix!
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $83

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