Lot 153

Price Realized:  $396
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CD 254 CABLE, Aqua w/ Amber Ribbons; stunning display and low pinhole!
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Lot 153: CD 254 CABLE  Color: Aqua w/ Amber Ribbons  Description: Occasionally you will find a CD 254 Cable with some amber in it, but this is "over the top" (literally!) with its amber ribbons and streaks and easily fits into the "WOW" classification! Heavy, thick glass over the pinhole adds to the presentation. A couple of 1/4" flakes on the inside of the skirt, 1/4" inner skirt chip, factory potstone. Minor condition issues considering the size of this piece. The amber really shows well in both front and rear. These heavily streaked items often soar in value, but we'll start with a conservative estimate. Add some class to your glass!
Estimate: $100 - $150  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $396

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