Bill and Jill Insulators Catalog Auction 156
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Closed Sunday, May 1, 2022 at 10:00 pm Eastern Time

Thank you all for your participation!

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Bill and Jill Auction 156 insulators

A killer duo of a Emerald Green and Blackglass CD 123 ECM, several Boston's including an amazing CD 158 in Amber, a purple CD 126 "blobtop", a great pair of CD 110.6 large corkscrews in Green and Blue, an outstanding group of California two-tones and blue and milk swirls, CD 110 and CD 150 "Barclay" patent styles, several CD 121 WFG's including the desirable Teal one, a selection of "JUMBO" and NEGM power pieces, and... Well you get the idea! In addition, there are many more great items in all price ranges!

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