Lot 97

Price Realized:  $743
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CD 162 H.G.CO., Orange Amber; {Smooth base} Classic amber signal! UPDATE: 9/8
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Lot 97: CD 162 H.G.CO.  Color: Orange Amber  Description: {Smooth base} A classic Hemingray color! 1/2" wire ridge flake on the right mold line, about four dings on the dome. Smooth base signals are much scarcer than their dripped counterparts. A nice bright example!  UPDATE: 9/8 there is a 1/4" thin flake (not 1/2") on the bottom of the upper wire ridge and a 1/8" thin flake in line with that and on the top of the upper wire ridge as can be seen in view 3. Pretty hard to see and it had to be turned until there was a reflection on that area to be able to photograph it.
Estimate: $500 - $600  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $743

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