Lot 76

Price Realized:  $3,520
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CD 145 H.G.CO., Honey Yellow Amber; Much lighter amber beehive! UPDATE: 9/12
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Lot 76: CD 145 H.G.CO.  Color: Honey Yellow Amber  Description: This example is towards the light end of the amber colors encountered in H.G.CO. beehives. The damage-prone wire ridges are in perfect condition and overall the piece is in stunning very, very near mint condition. For another amber beehive see lot 75. Amber beehives are gaining in popularity so add this to your collection now!  UPDATE: 9/12 While looking at this piece closely for a third time, we found two paper thin flakes less than 1/8" wide, on a bit of a rough mold line perhaps from a very slight overpour. They are not on the skirt, they are towards the base, but not on the part of the base that the insulator rests on. Seen in view 3 at about 11 o’clock. There is a slightly larger flake at 12 o’clock which were aware of. We would probably call it “easily very near mint” now.
Estimate: $1,200 - $1,500  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $3,520

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