Lot 67

Price Realized:  $1,100
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CD 143 DWIGHT, Purple; Great example! UPDATE: 9/10
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Lot 67: CD 143 DWIGHT  Color: Purple  Description: Nicely proportioned "beehive." Smaller than a typical CD 143. Almost very, very near mint. Desirable embossing and purple coloration. A great example of this style!  UPDATE: 9/10 Explicit damage is there is a ding, smaller than a pinhead, below the rear wire groove above the "P" (see large view 2) and a light flashover causing a small 1/4" band of discoloration down from the front wire groove centered on the "I" (see large view 1). Easily very near mint.
Estimate: $600 - $700  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $1,100

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