Lot 5

Price Realized:  $2,255
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CD 112 BROOKFIELD // No 31, "Bubble Dome" Light Blue; NOT art glass! Words can't describe this!!!!!!
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Lot 5: CD 112 BROOKFIELD // No 31  Color: "Bubble Dome" Light Blue  Description: Words just can't describe this piece, but we'll try! First, it's the uncommon [070] embossing with "No 31" on the rear skirt. It's filled with twisted swirls of glass which are quite pronounced in the dome. The pinhole is very low and stops between the wire grooves. The top of the pinhole is mostly glass but with a small hole into the bubble chamber as shown in view 4. The top, above the pinhole, has nearly a fully enclosed HUGE BUBBLE! The extent of this bubble is seen in view 2. Yes, that's colored water and it's ALL in the bubble at the top of the pinhole! A couple of chips on either side of the insulator completely blend in with the crude character of this piece. It's hard to place an estimate on this. A very unique piece for sure! Don't let it slip away!
Estimate: $500 - $1,000  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $2,255

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