Lot 95

Price Realized:  $462
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CD 152 B, Olive Amber w/ Heavy Amber Swirls; Stunning swirls!
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Lot 95: CD 152 B  Color: Olive Amber w/ Heavy Amber Swirls  Description: What stunning swirls! A mix of amber swirls and olive green can be seen when looking at the insulator backlit, but the piece shows its amazing true colors and intense swirling when you tilt it up and look through the skirt. See view 3. Typical minor flaking on the sharp inside edge of the outer skirt. A neat glass fold zig-zags around the skirt. Wonderful condition. A BROOKFIELD embossed piece with similar coloration soared to over $500 in our previous auction but we'll put a more conservative estimate on this piece. You decide!
Estimate: $250 - $400  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $462

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