Lot 49

Price Realized:  $1,100
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CD 121 W.F.G.CO., Cornderflower Blue; What was that color again?
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Lot 49: CD 121 W.F.G.CO.  Color: Cornderflower Blue  Description: Somebody had to make up this color! If Lavenflower is between Cornflower Blue and Lavender, then Cornderflower Blue is between Cornflower Blue and Lavenflower! So, it's very close to Cornflower Blue but with some Lavender undertones. Nice swirled glass in the skirt leads up to the base of the pinhole. Easily very near mint. Hurry and pick up this piece before it's listed in the next Price Guide!?!?!
Estimate: $450 - $550  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $1,100

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