Lot 4

Price Realized:  $3,410
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CD 204 LOCKE, Aqua; Rare CD in great condition!
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Lot 4: CD 204 LOCKE  Color: Aqua  Description: Condition, condition, condition! Virtually no glass missing! The inner skirt and outer skirt are perfect, as are the wire ridges called "petticoats" in the patent. 1/4" bruise, a small stress line, and a couple little flakes on the crown. Small annealing line around the threads. The damage-prone saddle groove top is virtually perfect too! And this is the detailed damage report! When Fred M. Locke designed the CD 204 "cross top" it was found to be much too fragile for the job it needed to do. Produced by Hemingray; the script embossing and "&" match the Hemingray style engraving. These rarely come to market and when they do they generally have moderate chipping or worse. If you want a very rare CD in wonderful condition for this style, this is for you!
Estimate: $4,000 - $5,000  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $3,410

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