Lot 31

Price Realized:  $1,265
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CD 102.4 NEW ENG.TEL.& TEL.CO., Blue Aqua; Tough piece in great condition!
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Lot 31: CD 102.4 NEW ENG.TEL.& TEL.CO.  Color: Blue Aqua  Description: On first looking at the photo of this insulator, you probably said "Wow! The wire ridge is in great condition!" The wire ridge is often heavily damaged, but this insulator has just a couple of 1/4" flakes and dings. 1/4" base flake and a hard-to-see "rainbow" bruise on the dome. Don't let that scare you; it displays great! A tough piece for the CD collector, these units are rarely offered for sale. It's all about the wire ridge and this is better than nearly all of them!
Estimate: $1,000 - $1,200  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $1,265

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