Lot 27

Price Realized:  $61
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CD 106 O.V.G.CO., Light Blue w/ Large Bubbles; Can you say "BUBBLES"? UPDATE photo
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Lot 27: CD 106 O.V.G.CO.  Color: Light Blue w/ Large Bubbles  Description: Can you say "bubbles"? A pronounced grouping of bubbles surrounds the insulator in the wire groove area.  Update: Base-lit photo in view 1 was added. In the process of taking that, this showed a lot of "milk" (translucence). When studied more there appears to be some opaque material around a section of the threads, almost like you melted a marshmallow inside! View 4 shows this although the photo doesn't highlight it as clearly. Quite a bit of character, especially in very near mint condition. It's hard to estimate the value; what's it worth to you?
Estimate: $50 - $75  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $61

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