Lot 126

Price Realized:  $396
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CD 230 HEMINGRAY // D-512, Dark Honey Amber w/ Quartz Swirls; Look at that sand!
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Lot 126: CD 230 HEMINGRAY // D-512  Color: Dark Honey Amber w/ Quartz Swirls  Description: Wow! Silica (quartz) sand comprises over 50% of the ingredients in glass. In this case, the glass was not well-mixed and the sand accumulated on the outside of the glass. And boy, did it! This characteristic is seen now and then, often in the darker olive amber glass, which is nowhere near as nice a color as this. One of the best we have seen! The first four pictures were taken with some front lighting. This distinctive feature covers nearly the entire top, significant areas of the skirt, as well as all around the base and pinhole. This is an outstanding example of this phenomenon, especially in very, very near mint condition!
Estimate: $200 - $250  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $396

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