Lot 115

Price Realized:  $660
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CD 185 JEFFREY MINE INSULATOR, Aqua; Great condition!
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Lot 115: CD 185 JEFFREY MINE INSULATOR  Color: Aqua  Description: These insulators, used in the mines, lived a rough life. Many sustained significant chipping and heavy drip point damage. This one has moderate drip point damage but that's offset by the lack of chipping. There is a 3/8" flake on the upper skirt at the right mold line and a couple of base flakes as can be seen in view 2. Still quite respectable given the typical condition of these units. The "JEFFREY MINE INSULATOR" is much harder to come by than its "HEMINGRAY" embossed counterpart.
Estimate: $250 - $350  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $660

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