Lot 94

Price Realized:  $275
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CD 152 BROOKFIELD, Aqua w/ Heavy Amber Ribbons; Amazing amber ribbons, just stunning!
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Lot 94: CD 152 BROOKFIELD  Color: Aqua w/ Heavy Amber Ribbons  Description: When looking at this insulator, one will immediately notice the amazing amber ribbons winding up and down. Upon closer examination, one can see the amber ribbons go up the outer skirt, down into the inner skirt and then up to the dome, creating a three-dimensional zig-zagging effect. Some pellets of snow and bubbles enhance the appearance. While it's not uncommon for Brookfield insulators to have some amber in them, this one goes way over the top! A stunning piece in outstanding condition!
Estimate: $200 - $250  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $275

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