Lot 197

Price Realized:  $253
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Glass Stand Lamp {"Vera" pattern}, Golden Amber; Much less common pattern for a Hemingray lamp!
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Lot 197: Glass Stand Lamp {"Vera" pattern}  Color: Golden Amber  Description: An exact color match with the golden amber CD 112.4 Hemingray No 8! The lamp stands 8 3/8" tall. Complete with burner, chimney and wick (not shown) but they are not original. Produced by the Hemingray Glass Company, these were available in various patterns, heights and colors . Typical minor flaking on the inside of the base rim. The "Vera" pattern is much less common than the "Stanbury" pattern shown in lot 196. Display this beauty with your amber signals for extra pizzazz!
Estimate: $175 - $225  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $253

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