Lot 159

Price Realized:  $633
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CD 132.4 PATENT DEC 19, 1871, Aqua; A great Companion for your CD 317 Candlestick!
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Lot 159: CD 132.4 PATENT DEC 19, 1871  Color: Aqua  Description: Nicknamed the "Chambers Companion". Typical small flaking around the flange and a slice on the flange on either side of the riser. Conventional wisdom says that this was made from a modified CD 132 mold; however, all the CD 132's are embossed with a "2" on the rear crown and this has no embossing there. The Hemingray variant of the CD 133 has nearly straight sides to the dome, as does this insulator, and one of the known embossings has no style number on the back. One could do an interesting study trying to match the dome of this piece with the dome of a CD 133. This "riser" insulator was used with the "Candlestick" (CD 317, as shown in lot 160) and they will go well together in your collection!
Estimate: $600 - $700  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $633

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