Lot 139

Price Realized:  $275
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CD 220 HEMINGRAY-670 / LOWEX, Honey Amber; A nice addition for the Hemingray collector!
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Lot 139: CD 220 HEMINGRAY-670 / LOWEX  Color: Honey Amber  Description: This was found in service and has a little rubbing in the wire groove. This is the less common variant, embossed "HEMINGRAY-670 / LOWEX". LOWEX stands for LOW EXpansion, LOW EXpense, and refers to a special formula of glass that was developed by Hemingray to better withstand temperature changes without breaking. A nice addition for the Hemingray collector, and one of the few pieces embossed "LOWEX".
Estimate: $200 - $250  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $275

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