Lot 134

Price Realized:  $55
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CD 196 No 51 / H.G.CO., Deep Blue Aqua; Wow, great condition for this tramp!
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Lot 134: CD 196 No 51 / H.G.CO.  Color: Deep Blue Aqua  Description: Fantastic drip points! Only a total of 2 chipped drips on the umbrella and base combined. Normally these have slices and multiple areas of drip point damage. 1/4" umbrella flake, otherwise very, very near mint. The insulator is embossed with a large, bold "No 51" style number above the "H.G.CO." These tramps are difficult to find in such great condition.
Estimate: $125 - $150  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $55

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