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Price Realized:  $5,390
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CD 124.5 CHAMBERS, Light Green; Super rare CD in great condition!
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Lot 1: CD 124.5 CHAMBERS  Color: Light Green  Description: This is the rarest of the four Chambers lightning system insulators, which were all manufactured by Hemingray. On a given installation, only two of these were used at the ends, while several of the larger supports were used across the ridge of the building. See lot 2 for the "Bell Chambers" support insulator. Open bubbles on the front and rear, but with no associated chipping or flaking. The sharp edges of the riser appear to have been lightly buffed. Overall, quite good condition, especially for this damage-prone style. Known in the hobby as the "Wing Chambers" due to the flange protruding from the insulator, it is interesting to note that the mold appears to be a reworked CD 124.3 style number 4, as one can still see part of the "4" above the riser on this example. A very difficult CD to acquire, and only a few have come up for auction in the past 15 years. Grab this now!
Estimate: $3,500 - $4,500  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $5,390

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