Lot 9

Price Realized:  $1,155
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CD 145 B, Amber "Tiger" w/ Huge Bubble; See the HUGE BUBBLE and the GLOWING "hole" in the front!
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Lot 9: CD 145 B  Color: Amber "Tiger" w/ Huge Bubble  Description: There is a 2" wide by 1" tall bubble in the skirt that is open to the inside! The air in this bubble displaced so much glass that there is virtually no inner skirt on the insulator, and one can see the lighter outline against the darker glass of the insulator. There are also heavy amber swirls in the Dark Olive Amber glass. This beehive is crude, with creases and several lehr kisses at the mold lines, a couple of 1/8" flakes on the wire ridge, and a 3/4" bruise on the base. Bubble trails near the surface of the glass, along with some creases, outline a 3/4" diameter area. While you may be able to find another beehive in this coloration, it is extremely unlikely you will ever find one with such an amazing bubble!
Estimate: $400 - $600  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $1,155

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