Lot 77

Price Realized:  $154
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CD 145 N.E.G.M.CO., "Sapphire Blue" w/ Amber Swirls; Sapphire Plus!
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Lot 77: CD 145 N.E.G.M.CO.  Color: "Sapphire Blue" w/ Amber Swirls  Description: About 2" of base flaking and 1/2" scratch in the rear. Appears to have a 1/2" diameter, 1/8" deep factory blemish at the left mold line. The edges are smooth, so it doesn't appear to be damage from use. An odd color that probably started as Sapphire Blue, but there are areas of amber which change the shade of Blue and give the skirt a two-tone effect!
Estimate: $150 - $200  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $154

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