Lot 242

Price Realized:  $88
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Miniature Telephone Pole; Fantastic detail! Own your own telephone pole!
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Lot 242: Miniature Telephone Pole  Description: This scale model of a telephone pole is nearly 23" tall. The upper cross arm is fitted out with CD 254 style insulators and bare copper wire, appropriate for high voltage use. The lower cross arm bears either CD 152 style or CD 154 style insulators with a plastic-coated wire typical of communication use. The insulators are all made out of resin and cast onto a threaded rod. The detail is amazing. If you ever wanted to explain how a telephone pole looks and how the wires are tied to the insulators, this is an excellent reference. The information we have is that this was in a display at the A.T. & T. museum in Chicago, IL, dating back to the 1950's. When the museum was closed in the 1970's, this item and the "action figure" in lot 240 were retrieved. This lot includes a "plumb bob" that was supposedly used to apply tension to straighten the wires. It's hard to put an estimate on this unique item, but chances are low that you'll ever see another example, as this was custom-made for the museum display!
Estimate: $100 - $500  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $88

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