Lot 239

Price Realized:  $578
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SI 145 Brookfield "Salesman's Sample" {CD 145 style}, Light Aqua; It's so tiny and super rare!
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Lot 239: SI 145 Brookfield "Salesman's Sample" {CD 145 style}  Color: Light Aqua  Description: 1/8" skirt flake removes "I" in "BROOKFIELD", 1/8" inner skirt chip at right mold line, very slight underpour. 1" diameter and 1 1/8" tall. Boldly embossed "BROOKFIELD" in the front and "NY" in the rear, with a well-formed inner skirt. This is an extremely rare piece, with only perhaps three known. Two have sold in the $3,000 price range in the past ten years. Although commonly referred to as a "salesman's sample", this item may have actually been a promotional item, perhaps given out by a salesman! This is quite a small insulator. It is shown actual size next to a standard CD 145 Brookfield. Specialty collectors, take note of this true gem; who knows if you'll ever have another chance to acquire one?
Estimate: $1,300 - $1,800  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $578

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