Lot 237

Price Realized:  $55
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SI 269 "H&H ELECTRIC CO" Commemorative, Dark Blue Violet w/ White Swirls; This solid pour makes a great paperweight!
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Lot 237: SI 269 "H&H ELECTRIC CO" Commemorative  Color: Dark Blue Violet w/ White Swirls  Description: {Solid pour} 5" tall. Mint! Larry Veneziano produced these in 2002 as a "tribute to historic evolution of electricity." They are a 2/3 size replica of CD 269. There was a limited run of swirled commemoratives made, and even less swirled solid pours. Beautiful white swirls can be seen on the surface of the glass as well as inside it. The translucent ears look great! Use this as a paperweight on your desk, and it will surely be a conversation starter! Truly, this is a very unique commemorative for your collection!
Estimate: $75 - $100  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $55

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