Lot 2

Price Realized:  $528
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CD 443 I TS-1 {Poland}, Deep Mustard Amber; Stunning color!
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Lot 2: CD 443 I TS-1 {Poland}  Color: Deep Mustard Amber  Description: What a stunning color! Easily transmits light and, with the short height of the inner skirt, there is plenty of glass to show the intensity of the color. Quite a lot of glass as the insulator is nearly as tall as a CD 154 which is 4" tall. This uncommon CD variant has a different profile and a different groove and dome configuration compared to lot 3. Three hard-to-see small fisheyes, otherwise very, very near mint. Can you imagine the value of this piece if it was from an American manufacturer? Don't pass this rare and colorful gem by!
Estimate: $350 - $450  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $528

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