Lot 89

Price Realized:  $1,430
CD 123 E.C. & M. CO. S.F., Fizzy Light Green Aqua; uncommon "F" mold w/ slug plate characteristics with "fizz" that give it a desirable translucent effect!
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Lot 89: CD 123 E.C. & M. CO. S.F.  Color: Fizzy Light Green Aqua  Description: "F" mold; glass button; square dome; flared skirt; 4 1/4" tall. One 1/2" base flake on the rear, otherwise just the typical flaking around the base. Great condition. This mold style is much less common, and is the style that the Cobalt Blue pieces are usually seen in. Many feel that the aqua variation is much less common than its colored counterpart, so the generally accepted price, which does not yet reflect the true rarity of these pieces, has begun to rise as collectors learn of this discrepancy. One can see two parallel lines on the rear crown where the slug plate was added to remove the upside down E.C. & M. CO. embossing. To add interest, the piece is filled with micro bubbles, giving it a unique slightly translucent effect. If you have been looking to complete your E.C. & M. CO. mold set, this piece is for you!
Estimate: $650 - $850  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $1,430

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