Lot 84

Price Realized:  $578
CD 145 W. BROOKFIELD, Rich Purple; saturated color with clear embossing!
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Lot 84: CD 145 W. BROOKFIELD  Color: Rich Purple  Description: 1/8" dome ding and a thin 3/8" inner skirt chip, otherwise very, very near mint. The "dent" on the base seen in view 1 is a small factory open bubble with no associated flaking. Some Brookfield purples are washed out and/or have weak embossing. This is a strong saturated purple with easy-to-read embossing. An interesting plus is a large 3/4" bubble along with a black impurity that looks just like a tadpole! A step or two above your typical purple Brookfield!
Estimate: $350 - $450  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $578

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