Lot 6

Price Realized:  $1,155
CD 257 HEMINGRAY, Light Electric Blue; underrated color in a popular style!
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Lot 6: CD 257 HEMINGRAY  Color: Light Electric Blue  Description: 1" bruise at the left mold line that removes 3 drip points, 6 slivered drip points, otherwise easily very near mint. There's been a huge surge in popularity in Electric Blue "Mickey Mouse" insulators. This example is Light Electric Blue and retains the same vivid color tones as the Electric Blue pieces. As is typical with most of these pieces, there are some milk impurities, and this example has an attractive swath that sweeps over the top of the pinhole and down and around in the rear flange area. This can be seen in the front photo as the darker area at the top of the pinhole. Many feel that this lighter coloration is harder to come by, and this rich, vibrant color will surely complement your "standard" Electric Blue mouse!
Estimate: $1,250 - $1,500  Open: $1
Price Realized:  $1,155

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