Lot 51

Price Realized:  $528
CD 124.3 PATENT DEC. 19, 1871, Lime Green; early Hemingray and a hard color to find!
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Lot 51: CD 124.3 PATENT DEC. 19, 1871  Color: Lime Green  Description: [040] {Note 'E' is missing middle bar} 1/4" wire ridge flake to the left of center, otherwise about very near mint. This old telegraph style was produced by Hemingray. They made several "Number 4" styles over the years, including CD 124.1, 124.2, 124.3 and 124. These are gaining in popularity and this is an especially nice example, both because of the unusual color and the interesting embossing error. If you are going to get one, why not go for this?
Estimate: $300 - $400  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $528

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