Lot 185

Price Realized:  $143
PETTINGELL ANDREWS Battery Jar, Light Aqua w/ "Amber streak"; unusual embossing that shares the name embossed on glass insulators!
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Lot 185: PETTINGELL ANDREWS Battery Jar  Color: Light Aqua w/ "Amber streak"  Description: Excellent condition. May have been lightly tumble cleaned. There appears to be an amber streak around the circumference of the jar, however this may be a stain from being buried. Boldly embossed (Arc)PETTINGELL ANDREWS Co / BOSTON / (Arc)MASS. Pettingell Andrews was a prominent electrical goods supplier located in Boston, MA. Great character with elongated seed bubbles in the glass. This is an unusual jar in that it is embossed with the name of a company whose name is also embossed on glass insulators. This should be of interest to battery jar collectors as well as collectors of insulator "go-withs".
Estimate: $100 - $150  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $143

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