Lot 17

Price Realized:  $605
CD 113.2 DUQUSNE GLASS CO., Light Cornflower Blue; tough piece with a bonus of the name being spelled wrong!
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Lot 17: CD 113.2 DUQUSNE GLASS CO.  Color: Light Cornflower Blue  Description: Crudely made with the typical roughness around the upper wire ridge. A couple of areas of slight underpour give an interesting wavy effect to the base. Note that "DUQUESNE" is spelled "DUQUSNE". These come in a range of blue shades and this attractive color is very different from the more common Blue Aqua. A quite uncommon style and with strong embossing! If you want a CD 113.2 why not get the unusual one with the spelling error?
Estimate: $450 - $600  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $605

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