Lot 154

Price Realized:  $275
"Cooke" Pottery Insulator, Tan; the first insulator ever patented!
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Lot 154: "Cooke" Pottery Insulator  Color: Tan  Description: Old and crude, with perhaps a small flake on the glaze. It is interesting to note that these have a flat bottom. While technically "pottery" one would be tempted to call it "porcelain". An example was offered in the November 2017 Eagle Cap Collectibles auction and the description read: "the first insulator ever patented...two years before Samuel Morse's first telegraph line. The Cooke & Wheatstone Telegraph Company built a telegraph line for the London (England) & Blackwall Railway in 1840, burying the line underground. The insulated wire failed and in 1842 Cooke received a patent for this above-ground insulator. The groove is for a metal staple to hold the insulator to a post; and the telegraph wire was threaded through the insulator." A great piece of early telegraph history!
Estimate: $200 - $300  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $275

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