Lot 145

Price Realized:  $908
CD 728 {Unembossed}, Light Aqua w/ Coral Growth; you never see coral growing on an insulator!
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Lot 145: CD 728 {Unembossed}  Color: Light Aqua w/ Coral Growth  Description: Excellent condition. The consignor gave us the following history: "The original owner was a dealer at a big coin show in the early 1980's in Wilmington, NC and was contacted at the show by a salvage Co that was diving on the "Sherman" sunken civil war ship. After a few days she was able to obtain over 800 threadless insulators of which about 100 were Cobalt CD 731 Tillotsons. Her favorite insulator was this aqua CD 728 threadless piece with coral growing on it. This insulator has been carefully packed away for many years in her home in Virginia. Now it's time for another collector to appreciate this unique piece!" Occasionally you will find a threadless insulator with barnacles on it; however, have you ever heard of one with coral growing on it? It is hard to put an estimate on this piece. Will you have the chance to purchase another one like this? Don't miss out!
Estimate: $300 - $500  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $908

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