Lot 143

Price Realized:  $825
CD 317 CHAMBERS, Aqua; great example of this classic "Candlestick"!
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Lot 143: CD 317 CHAMBERS  Color: Aqua  Description: The damage-prone saddle groove is free of flakes and chips. The flange is also prone to damage, especially on the sharp inner edge, and this example is outstanding in that regard as well. There are often a lot of annealing fissures around the threads, and amazingly this piece is free from them! To top it off, the saddle groove, which can be oriented in any direction, is almost perfectly aligned with the embossing. Josephus Chambers patented "An Improvement in Lightning Rods and Insulators" on August 14, 1877, and followed it up with patents for a variety of other uses for his invention. This "Candlestick" insulator was used as part of his lightning rod system. It was produced by the Hemingray Glass Company in Covington, Kentucky. While you might consider it just "aqua", it's quite unusual to have so many desirable aspects in one insulator. This outstanding example is definitely worth a premium!
Estimate: $650 - $800  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $825

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