Lot 123

Price Realized:  $1,815
CD 217 ARMSTRONG, Root Beer Amber; very unusual twisted top!
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Lot 123: CD 217 ARMSTRONG  Color: Root Beer Amber  Description: An area of paper thin flakes under one ear. This piece is truly unique. The saddle groove normally runs from the front to the rear. In this case, the top of the saddle groove (indicated by the blue arrow) is twisted about 45 degrees, so it doesn't line up with the bottom of the saddle groove (indicated by the green arrow). Thus part of the saddle groove runs at an angle -- neither left to right nor front to rear. The second view is the top of the insulator. Normally, the saddle groove would be smoothly rounded down to the rest of the insulator; however, the green arrows point out that the dome is twisted, and the saddle groove ends abruptly in two flat areas. Since there is some minor flaking on the saddle area, it does appear that the insulator was used with a simple side-tie. A very interesting molding quirk!
Estimate: $75 - $100  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $1,815

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