Lot 111

Price Realized:  $1,265
CD 114.2 STANDARD GLASS INSULATOR CO., Light Blue Aqua; tough CD and a nice addition to your "Standard" collection!
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Lot 111: CD 114.2 STANDARD GLASS INSULATOR CO.  Color: Light Blue Aqua  Description: A half dozen or so 1/8" fish eye pings on the dome, 1/2" scratch, light abrasion mainly on the upper wire ridge and on an area on the skirt; it is nearly invisible when backlit. Overall these are pretty insignificant but we mention them for completeness. The "bumps" on the base are actually where the letters from the base embossing are. No damage. One can see vertical lines where the collapsible mandrel was used to form the threads. There are only seven styles of STANDARD GLASS insulators. This is one of the most uncommon and was only produced by the Standard Glass Company. Strong, bold base embossing adds to its desirability!
Estimate: $1,300 - $1,800  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $1,265

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