Bill and Jill Insulators Auction 151

Auction closed Sunday, December 16, 2018 at 10:00 pm Eastern (7:00 pm Pacific)

Thank you all for your participation!

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A few of the highlights include CD 736.7, CD 731 Tillotson in Sapphire, CD 728.7 Oakman, CD 134 {Oakman style} Glowing 7-up Green, CD 114.2 Standard, CD 134 T-H.E. CO. in Amber, CD 158 Boston, CD 158.2 Boston, CD 110.6 National, CD 127 W.U. Pattern and many more colorful and diverse gems.

For the porcelain collector, we have an amazing grouping including U-982 {Bennington}, U-926C VICTOR {only one known}, M-2795 Locke, U-2087C "Red" T-Bar, U-184 Harloe and others.

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