Lot 8

Price Realized:  $1,650
General Electric Disconnect Switch; Amazing detail in this working 1/4 scale model
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Lot 8: General Electric Disconnect Switch  Description: Outstanding condition and fully functional! We believe this could have been a salesman's sample. Nice mahogany base. Size is 14" L x 4" W x 8 1/2" H. Engraved on the plaque in front is "GENERAL ELECTRIC / RF-2 DISCONNECT SWITCH / 34.5 K.V. 600 AMPERE / 1/4 SCALE." At full size, the insulators would be 13" in diameter and the round copper conductor 1 1/2" in diameter! Absolutely amazing detail, down to some bolts and washers with just a 1/8" diameter hex head. A complex mechanism uses universal joints and levers to raise, lower and rotate the breaker bar. From some research, there is discussion of this RF-2 disconnect in journals in 1960, so we assume this model was from that era. While we generally don't comment personally on items in the auction, we found this to be the most unique and fully functional "go-with" we have ever seen! We even switched a 120 VAC light on and off with it! See the two videos on our site Web: www.billandjillinsulators.com/auctions/150/videos/008-1.php and Web: www.billandjillinsulators.com/auctions/150/videos/008-2.php Just an incredible and amazing scale model! We have really no idea how to put an estimate on this; you decide!
Estimate: $50 - $500  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $1,650

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