Lot 72

Price Realized:  $72
CD 121 PATENT - SEPT 19, 1899, Green; Nice green Withycombe!
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Lot 72: CD 121 PATENT - SEPT 19, 1899  Color: Green  Description: {Pleated skirt} About a dozen of the "drip points" are flaked; a 1/2" annealing line at the mold line. This is an interesting style of insulator with vertical "pleats" on the skirt and over the base. We are most familiar with various ridge patterns on the CD 143 style, but Frederick Withycombe's September 19, 1899 patent is applicable to this insulator as well. The ridges were designed to cushion a blow to the insulator. Green variants such as this are worth a premium over the typical aqua and blue variants and will contrast well with them.
Estimate: $100 - $150  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $72

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