Lot 40

Price Realized:  $121
CD 106 HEMINGRAY / No 9, Milky Fizzy Hemingray Blue; Nearly Jade in color, plenty of milk!
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Lot 40: CD 106 HEMINGRAY / No 9  Color: Milky Fizzy Hemingray Blue  Description: One chipped drip point and a 1/2" flake on the inside of the skirt that affects one drip, otherwise about very, very near mint. Early "prism" style embossing. Perhaps some would call this Jade Blue, but because one can see distinct milky swirls, we'll call it "Milky Hemingray Blue". Some of these ponies get their character solely from being filled with bubbles, but this has the best of both worlds: milk AND bubbles!
Estimate: $200 - $250  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $121

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