Lot 4

Price Realized:  $3,410
CD 126 W. BROOKFIELD, Teal Aqua; SUPER RARE COLOR! old style crown embossing!
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Lot 4: CD 126 W. BROOKFIELD  Color: Teal Aqua  Description: [350] (F-Crown) 8 / PAT MARCH 20, 1877 / W BROOKFIELD (R-Crown) PAT JAN 25, 1870 / PAT FEB 22, 1870 / 55 FULTON ST. N.Y. {MLOD} 3/8" skirt flake and a few smaller blemishes. We have heard that perhaps only two or three CD 126's in this color and embossing are known. It is far less "common" than the early style crown-embossed purple units that are often considered the rarest Brookfield 126's, selling for in excess of $10,000. In fact, a number of years ago, a piece similar to this one was known to sell for more than $10,000, and it had significantly more damage. We'll set a conservative estimate and see where it goes! This is clearly an extraordinary insulator and could very well be the key piece for the advanced Brookfield specialist to own as part of their collection. Sometimes the phrase "don't pass it by" is overused, but we must really stress that with this opportunity. DON'T PASS IT BY!
Estimate: $3,000 - $5,000  Open: $10
Price Realized:  $3,410

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